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Cars that Defied Expectations and Changed the Industry

Every once in a while, an auto comes along that completely changes the automotive industry. This does not happen often, but it happens. Most of the cars that manage this are available in with very high expectations, however. People are already aware of their potential so most of them are hyped whenever you can. However, there has been cases where cars made a quiet and subtle appearance, yet still managed to experience a great impact on the industry. Here are several examples.

1. Toyota Corolla

Nobody had any idea it would reach this status if it first arrived, although the Corolla is the best-selling car in the world. Sure, so did many others since and before then, although it had all the characteristics of a quality Japanese car. It is hard to pinpoint just what set the Corolla in addition to the rest and made it popular with so many people, but it is still going hard today over four decades after it came out originally.


2. Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is also among the finest-selling cars on the planet and it also bears the title of “car of the people”. When it came out it was just meant to be an affordable vehicle to obtain around, however. Nobody suspected that it could be as enduring as it turned out to be.


3. Porsche 911

Like several truly iconic vehicles, the 911 enjoys an incredibly long production life with it still being built today. During the time when it became available, the German automotive industry was dominated by Mercedes and Volkswagen so nobody really thought that Porsche experienced a real chance at success.


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