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Budget-Minded Car Owners: Inexpensive Ways to Update a Used Vehicle

LED bulbIn hopes of saving some hard-earned cash, many drivers opt to purchase a used car instead of a brand new model. Here are the most inexpensive ways to update an older vehicle.

Fresh paint job
Over time, a vehicle’s original paint job can begin to fade and flake. The only effective remedy for this problem is to repaint the entire exterior. Luckily, some auto body shops offer paint jobs at discounted rates during various times of the year. Auto painting companies vary in quality, so be sure to check out the online reviews before making a final decision.

New shocks
The shocks are arguably the most important components on a car’s suspension system. Not only do the shocks influence the vehicle’s ride quality, but they also have a significant impact on the car’s handling. If the shocks are leaking fluid or have become bouncy, it is probably time to have them replaced. .

Upgraded headlight bulbs
Installing a set of upgraded light bulbs is one of the most cost-efficient ways to update an aging vehicle. Although halogen bulbs are extremely cheap, modern LED bulbs are far more effective. Bulbs such as the 3157 LED bulb offer better visibility at night and increased durability. Unlike some of the other car modifications, the installation of a set of LED light bulbs is a do-it-yourself project.

High-performance muffler
Most stock exhaust systems have been engineered to be as quiet as possible. However, many car enthusiasts crave a more aggressive-sounding exhaust note. The easiest way to improve the sound of the exhaust system is to install a high-performance muffler. High-performance mufflers benefit from a free-flowing design, which makes the car noticeably quicker.

Performance tires
Many drivers underestimate the importance of their tires. While the stock tires will likely be cheaper to replace, performance tires have far more advantages. Performance tires provide better traction and enhance the vehicle’s agility. Performance tires are also just a tad wider than the stock tires, which helps to improve the car’s stability on the road.

Contrary to popular belief, improving the performance and comfort of a vehicle does not have to cost a ton of money. By making a few inexpensive upgrades, a used car can be just as rewarding as a brand new model.