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The Most Underrated Cars in the USA Today

Never in the history of mankind has there been such a wide variety of cars and trucks available in the USA than there is right now. More and more car companies are making more and more models, and different versions of the same models. With so much choice, there are bound to be certain cars that are over rated and others than for whatever reason fall by the wayside. If you are looking to save a buck or two on a new car, but want it to be awesome and something you can fall in love with, you need to find an underrated car and snatch it up. Who cares if it doesn’t hold the prestige of a BMW, so long as it’s reliable and comfortable, you’ll be the real winner. Here are some of the most underrated cars available today.

1. Kia Optima

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When a company, like Kia, has a name for itself that is, shall we say, less than glamorous, that’s a great opportunity to get a lot of quality for a little price. The Optima is never looked at in the same way as a Accord or Camry, but it has all the same advantages and features but without the name brand price. Kia has come a long way, and their cars are now just as reliable and sporty as its main competitors. You may not turn heads cruising down the strip, but that’s not your intention anyway. A car does not have to be a luxury item, it can simply be utilitarian, and that’s what the Kia Optima offers.

2. Nissan Versa

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Similarly, the Nissan Versa is a great car for a great price. Nissan is a company with a great reputation, but its smallest car, the Versa, is a great deal these days. Most people overlook it because it is smaller than other cars in the Nissan line, but anyone at a Nissan dealership Los Angeles location will point you to the Versa immediately if you say you want to maximize your spending dollar. At Metro Nissan Redlands, they have a ton of brand new Versas, and they start in the low 10’s. How about that in this day and age? You can get 5 Versas for the cost of one year of private university education!

3. Hyundai Accent

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The Accent, not the Accord, is the best sedan to save money on. Hyundai got a lot of heat for naming its company and it’s main sedan line almost exactly like the Honda Accord. But whereas the Accord gets a boost in its sticker price because of the known reliability of the Honda company, the Hyundai Accent is almost the same thing but way less money. That’s savings you can really see and feel. The company had some growing pains at first, but now their line of cars is a real underrated commodity, and you will be very happy with an Accent for years and years. Don’t be fooled by the name and think it’s a cheap knock off. While it is cheaper, it is equal in quality.