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Best Driving Schools in the World

It’s a common boyhood dream, taking to the wheel and zipping along the roads at speeds so fast that it’ll make your mother lose a year’s worth of sleep. The only problem is that taking your sports car up the PCH through Big Sur at mach 10 will not only be dangerous but also make you a target for the police to smack down on you with a big fat ticket and maybe even throw you in jail. Don’t be a fool. Learn to drive your car fast, then enter the world of racing and do this for a living in a relatively safe environment. The adrenaline is still there, plus the added thrill of actual competition. You’re probably wondering where you can go about learning this trade, the art of competitive speed racing known as auto racing. Here are some of the best driving schools in the world for you speed lovers.

1. Bondurant School of High Performance Driving


Bob Bondurant started the school back in 1968 with one goal in mind: teach the next generation how to hug that road and feel the pavement zip below them. Power and speed. Bob has been living this dream for decades and now it’s your turn to join him among the greats of speed racing. The School is located in Chandler, Arizona, so if you’re not in the South West, well, you’ll just have to get a hotel room. They offer three major courses, so your needs should be met: High Performance Driving, Z06 Experience, and Highway Survival Training. They even have some teen programs, too. We highly recommend this school.

2. Jim Russell Racing Drivers School


For you California dwellers, you can get your speed racing learn on just north of San Francisco in the wine region of Sonoma Valley. It’s a beautiful area and a great school that will give you the tools you need to take your racing to the next level. When you’re done, you can drive back down to the LA area and hit up the
Fontana Nissan for a speedy Nissan that you can take to the races and win any indie show down you can find. See if you can find a beautiful little speed racer at to test your newfound skills. The 3 day course is a bit pricey, in the $6000 range, but it’ll be well worth it.

3. Skip Barber Racing School


The Skip Barber Racing School is a fantastic school, and many legends have learned how to drive there. Jeff Gordon mean anything to you? He’s probably the most famous alum from Skip Barber’s school, but the NASCAR and Indy racers are littered with guys who cut their teeth at the school. No one said learning to drive like a pro was easy or that it comes perfectly naturally. Even the best professional drivers had to learn and they all started out just like you. Luckily these schools are located all around the land, so find one closest to you and get driving.

4. Complete Auto Racing Experience

Don’t let this school’s shoddy online presence fool you. They offer a great one-day course for only about a grand. For the price, it’s one of your best bets to getting yourself behind the wheel and schooling your friends off the line. They also have locations all around the country so you don’t have to add the exorbitant cost of long distance travel, hopefully. If you want to follow your dreams and get a much greater understanding of car racing and handling, then you can’t go wrong with this Complete Auto Racing Experience.