Winter Car Maintainence Tips

download (36)In the UK, we never seem to have your average winter time. There are no real set months and no predicted weather; it all happens as and when it wants to and how it wants to which indicates that, despite Xmas arriving and going and January also waving farewell, the really cool temperature has only just began to set in! That’s right, we sit strongly in the first months of the season, shivering and viewing the stormy weather and snowfall showers down and make us wish summer months was here already but what about our poor cars? Compelled to take us to work every day, to go through traffic and help us run massive quantities of errands; our vehicles are an expansion of our lifestyles but when it comes to winter time they take an excellent battering! To prevent cold mornings with a car that won’t start or to save the stress of the much disliked break down in the center of a traffic jam in the cold snowfall, there are a few factors you can do to keep your engine operating. Whether a new Rolls Royce or a used Volkswagen; below are the top tips to consider and action that can keep your automobile operating, keep you secure and reduce the chance of any expensive malfunction.

Flat Battery- The flat battery power is the most typical cause of winter time failures so are you doing as much as possible to prevent this? One of the the reason why battery power are quickly cleared is due to an over extreme use of heating. No issue how tempting it may be, keep the use of your car heating to a lowest and keep in mind that if you battery power has already exceeded the predicted five-year lifespan then change it to prevent an expensive malfunction.

Anti Freeze- No winter time servicing list would be complete without referring to anti freeze. Placing an anti freeze in your water pump every evening will make sure that it does not freeze up and cause a stop to your engine, which could cost a lot to fix. A simple buy that could preserve a lot of stress.

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